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“A great way to discover Crowborough and its history on foot, especially with a friend or competitive groups!”

Not so very long ago, in the hilltop town of Crowborough…

…an imaginary prank was played on the townsfolk by two practical jokers.

They pulled the plug out of the water tower causing a tremendous flood!

Your task is to discover…

Who are the pranksters?

Who solved the mystery?

When was the prank played?

No, the trail is currently being updated and hence several clues cannot be completed due to changes to local roads and shops. You can still download the trail but please be aware of this current limitation.
About 2 hours. However, you don’t need to do it all in one go!
Yes, but feel free to give a donation to World in Need!

About 2.6 miles
Any time when it is light.
1. A printed copy of the trail

2. A pen

The trail can be downloaded onto devices but it is not electronically interactive so one person will need a printed copy to record the answers with a pen.
It’s a pavement and path walk which is suitable for buggies and motorised wheel chairs, 2.6 miles long. There are two hills, neither very steep nor very long. In order to complete it successfully you will need to be observant, able to read, write, count, do simple sums and cross roads safely. Children of primary school age will probably need an adult to help them. Dogs on leads would also be fine. There is no need to enter any building.
You can buy the trail in black and white or colour from Newman at 2 The Broadway – Tel 01892 668834. (Closed on Sundays, public holidays and after 1.00 p.m. on Saturdays).

Yes, it is fun in a group – suggest one copy of the trail for 4 people. You could even compete time-wise as long as you stagger the start!

Please note the trail is currently being updated and the version available for download is out of date. Several clues are no longer attainable. You are welcome to download the trail but please consider that you can’t complete this trail due to recent changes made to the local roads and shops.

You will need to print the PDF so you can write your answers into the correct places and cross off various boxes as you follow the trail.

You can also buy a printed copy of the trail at Newman Business Solutions, located here near the trail start.

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